Monday, August 29, 2016

CAA One-A-Day: Blank On Blank / Gene Wilder

On this sad day...

Exhibition: Semblance / Private View: Saturday 3rd September 3pm - 6pm / Whitstable

To all students, staff and CAA alumni: consider yourselves invited to the Semblance private view at the Somerset Maugham Gallery at the Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable on Saturday 3rd September at 3pm - 6pm.  Why not come down a bit earlier and make the best of the sun and sea and the fish and chips?  No doubt we'll be popping along to the pub after the event, so it should be a bit social as well as 'arty!'  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Phil Gomm

Phill Hosking

Phil Cooper

Phil Cooper

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Trailers: Rings & Blair Witch / Horror Sequels We Didn't Know We Needed!

FAO CAA Yr 2 & 3 - Group Blog Authorship Permissions

It is customary at this point in the year that I make authorship permissions available to any CAA Yr 2 or Yr 3 student who might be interested in contributing content to the CAA Group Blog.  It's straightforward enough - if you see something that you think would be valuable to share with the rest of us, then the group blog is the place to do it.  You'll already be aware of the various ongoing strands - CAA One-A-Day, CAA Cinema, The Supplement etc. to which you can contribute and enrich, but we're a broad church and I'm always keen to reflect your interests more effectively.

If you're interested in becoming an author on the group blog, leave me a comment and I'll organise your permissions.

Friday, August 26, 2016

CAA Cinema: Notes On Animation: Cats Don't Dance

A really insightful look at the storytelling, animation and character design mechanics of Cats Don't Dance (1997).  Give it fifteen minutes of your time and attention.

FAO Year 2 Narrative Project: The Big Reveal.

First of all 'Greetings from California'.

The San Diego Convention Center: The home of Comic-Con

Yes that's where I'm writing this post in the sunny town of San Diego. Why am I taking the time out to post on the group blog? Simply because I want to give you as much time as possible to get ready for the Narrative Project (one half of the Narrative & Character Brief). As you're no doubt aware this project is a group project in which we divide you up into groups of three and four. These groups are listed below alongside some things we'd like you to consider before the official 'kick off' in September. So (drum roll please!) the groups are...

Group 1
Joe Crouch
Thomas Smith
Dee Crisbacher

Group 2
Danielle Gibbs
Eleanor Spence Welch
Beccy Stapely

Group 3
Mark Bridgland
Louis Punton
Manisha Dusila

Group 4
Krissy Botinova
Pip Harris
Katie Lima

Group 5
Almu Diaz
Rebecca Ryan
Tom Ward

Group 6
Danni Foley
Tom Mayfield
Rhys Wadmore
Sam Johnson

Group 7
Ian Garling
Aureo Antonio
Bradley King
Hannah Kubias

What to do next?

1) Make contact with your group and exchange details, emails, facebook accounts, phone numbers, etc. Any method which you all agree will be the best way to connect with each other over the next few months. Make sure that the addresses or number's are reliable and the most effective way of reaching you. Finally please respect each others privacy where necessary.

2) For this project your group will become an animation studio. Your first job will is give your studio a name and brand identity. For example like 'Bad Robot' (below) which is Writer/ Director/ Producer J. J. Abrams (Star Trek and Star Wars) studio. You will also need to open a 'studio blog' which will contain all of your groups work over the next few months. The blog will need to be 'branded' graphically with your groups chosen name and identity. Try (if possible) to get this up and running before the project officially starts in September.

3) Take time to list what skills you think you can bring to the group. Be honest with yourself, what were your high's and low's in year one? Are you a leader? Are you a project manager? Are you a character designer, modeller, or animator? Make a list and bring it to the briefing in week one.

That's it for now. Good luck everyone and see you when you all return.